Tip #5. On ICO Investments Again

It has been hard to see a stable growth of any Altcoins at least by 10-15% for more than two months on the crypto market. At the same time, quality ICO projects give x5 and more immediately after their listing on the crypto exchanges. That’s why experienced traders pay much attention to ICO. Anyone should not forget about Altcoins either, but profitability of the latters can not be compared with it from participation in ICO, especially on presales with bonuses (discounts) from 40% to 80%.

Crypto market is cyclic and last year just as early in the spring and winter the tokens with a quick listing on the exchanges made the highest growth. It was only later, closer to summer, on the ICO boom, the Altcoins on the exchanges began to grow wavelike, while ICO became quiet after attacks from regulators, and the exchanges began to list new tokens reluctantly.

Now everything is coming back. Fast listing is possible again due to new good exchanges like Binance, Kucoin and HitBTC, which often add tokens immediately after the ICO. It is there that all the previous 2-3 months fast profits are made, by those investors who follow market trends in good time!

Rumors that Bittrex wants to add TRX tokens have found new confirmations. We recommend buying and selling on the hype when listing. The coin in any case will stir the market, so that the profit is almost guaranteed. According to some well-known crypto traders, their companies are now focused on collecting pools to invest in the top ICO, because only there they await “x10 and x20” profitability.

At the end of February they recommend participation in the following ICO sales:

http://morpheus.network – 20% bonus

http://academytoken.com – 70% off

https://smarttaylor.io – 35% discount

https://friendz.io – 40% discount

https://chimaera.io – 50% discount

https://jet8.io – 53% bonus


A couple of days ago they invested in:

Elastos – quite a lot and it already hit + 60%

Zilliqa – a little, because there are already a lot of” X”

WePower – also a good amount (here is my review of this ICO project), the last  is not blockchain, but here’s the “schtick”: all these three projects win in the voting for the Binance listing and because of this they are rising.

Advice: “Buy tokens on the corrections and keep in long position, then sell them in parts, if they promise a good return.”

For example, Experty – a project that has done a lot of hype but many people could not invest in due to hard KYC via BitcoinSuisse and other difficulties, now trades twice as cheap as during the ICO.

During the ICO sale, their token price was $ 1.05, now around $ 0.50. These days they are traded on IDEX and Kucoin. So, now it is possible to buy these tokens at a twice lower price and keep them until they “fly to the Moon”.

Information on bitcoin from the Stratton Trading Channel analysts dated the last day of February, which will explain a lot to the folks who understand the technical analysis:


“The last falling motion of the BTC from 11,800 to 9,925 was not deep compared to the previous wave of growth stopped between 0.382 and 0.5. It can be concluded that this is only the first correction wave to the last local impulse of 5,950 – 11,800. As the most probable goal of the corrective movement is the level of 8,300. At this level, the volume level and correction levels (0.618) and the Fibo impulse (1,141) coincide”.

A little bit about Altcoins:

Traders advise to buy STRAT and NEO, as during March these Altcoins have a lot of events and investors can count on their rates’ growth.

Successful investments to all of you!