Tip # 4. How to Get Free Tokens from ICO Projects

Literally every day you can find a lot of ICO projects promising handfuls of free tokens in the Internet. And this is a minimum of $ 5- $ 10 from each project, regardless the prospects of their growth on the exchanges! If now you spend a little time just to register with such projects, then in 5-6 months you will feel a significant increase to the budget.

So, this kind of free distribution of tokens is called Airdrop. Usually it is carried out either for registration, or involves simple tasks performing.

There are special websites that regularly publish lists of Airdrops. It is very convenient to subscribe to them and receive notifications. It is advisable to create a separate account for this purpose in Telegram so that this information is not confused with the other. Moreover, most ICO-projects distributing their tokens also have their own Telegram channels and one can receive urgent information about changes in the conditions of Airdrops, etc.

So, what to do to get free tokens:

Do not forget to confirm the registration by mail and stay in the Telegram channel of the project until you receive its tokens.

Subscribe to the projects’ Twitter and Telegram channels to quickly find out their news about issued tokens. Be sure to remain signed before distribution!

Participate in all distributions, never guess which project will do x10 or even x40 and will bring good money after listing the stock exchange!

Airdrops with tasks give more tokens! But also require more time.

There is a lot of Airdrops now. Save the list of them to a separate file and register when you received the tokens so as not to get confused. And never leave your private keys anywhere!

Below is the list of crypto exchanges on which it is convenient to sell the tokens received. Listing on them is very fast and many tokens after ICO immediately enter their listings:

Binance – https://www.binance.com is a very dynamically developing exchange. It has its BNB token. Almost all new coins get into it listing very quickly and often do x2-x3 right away after it. Registration is not always available, catch the moment!

Kucoin – https://www.kucoin.com is a young and dynamic exchange, conducts aggressive marketing and is quickly gaining popularity. Many interesting coins are already there, it has its own KCS token.

HitBTC – https://hitbtc.com – by completing this exchange to Binance and Kucoin you will cover 95% of all decent tokens that are listed on the market!

List of services to turn ethereums and bitcoins to cash after you sold the tokens. All of them are anonymous private exchanges from person to person with a guarantee of the transaction from the exchanger.

https://localbitcoins.net/ – top bitcoin for fiat exchange with good security and a large selection of counterparties.

BTC Banker https://telegram.me/BTC_CHANGE_BOT – the most famous telegram-bot with the same functionality, only through telegram which adds anonymity

ETH Banker https://telegram.me/ETH_CHANGE_BOT – separate project specifically for the Etherium

LTC Banker https://telegram.me/LTC_CHANGE_BOT – respectively the bot for the Litecoin

Closer to the evening the exchange rates are usually becoming more profitable for buyers, due to the fact that activity is increasing and these crypto currency exchangers are ready to earn on their turnover.

Successful investments to you!