Tip #3. How to Make Money On the Crypto Currency, Monitoring the Hardforks

The advice is as useful as it is short. Since the time of the classic stock market, traders know such wisdom: Buy the rumors, sell the news. If you follow the information when there is a hardfork of any of the crypto currency, you can really make money on it.

This simple scheme of making money can be illustrated quite well by the example of a coin, that galloped abruptly, and then dropped sharply. It’s about Nexcoine (NXT) – there has been a growth of 11 times recently! True, then, after the hardfork, there was a drop of about 7 times! But there were traders who could earn a lot on it while the course was at the peak!

It is a common observation among crypto traders that the peak value of the rate (it can be the so-called All Time High or ATH) of any crypto currency is 3-4 days before the hardfork. And information about the upcoming hardfork usually appears a few months before it. Therefore, if you purchase the crypto currency in advance (for some weeks before the alleged hardfork), sell the crypto currency then 3-4 days before it. Then there is a chance to make a good profit even in case of a sharp decline of the rate after the hardfork!

Successful investments to all of you!