Tip #2. Top-5 coins for long-term investment (from 4 months)

As experienced traders suppose that the majority of insides that you can find in the Internet is replaced there in order to pump something, or to contribute the fall/rise of some cryptocurrency’s course. There are some exceptions, accidental leak, but it is not that easy to reveal it.
It is confirmed by the data: one hundred of the most powerful cryptocurrency owners successfully took advantage of the recent dump of the market. According to the info presented by Bitinfocharts.com majority of the 100 most “rich” Bitcoin-accounts did not lose their assets during the collapse on the crypto market, but on the contrary, their shares exponentially increased. Well, who would doubt that they were just “lucky”…

Analytics think that the cryptocurrencies’ market is under control of whales and their entourage. And now the skillful short sellers from the stock markets (players on short positions) have come there and we need to understand the rules of the game in advance so as not to be guided by their tricks. The role of these market players described in details on https://www.finam.ru/:

Historically, the players who plays on decline have been called “bears”, and this has a certain meaning. However, it is more correct to compare short sellers with a forest warden – a gray wolf. In the stock market ecosystem, the role of the short seller is no less important, since his prey is inexperienced calves, as well as the cloven-hoofed animals possessed by various systemic ailments. Consequently, the “bull” tribe will inevitably degenerate and in general risk of disappearing in the absence of the cleaner function of the short seller.

(Note for beginners: “Bulls” play on the rise, and this is often a long-term perspective).
Therefore, today’s advice, the same:
Tip number 2 from Father Saveliy, the owner of the Telegram-channel and the channel on Facebook “Review of ICO. Latest news. Technical Analysis “)

Top 5 coins for long-term investing:


These coins are very promising and if you do not want to trade every day, constantly monitor everything and work your ass off you should buy them and forget for half a year. No stop-loss is needed. I bought it and forgot it. Now is a good time to do it at low prices.

I bought a heavily dropped and promising Tronix (TRX). In February and March there are a number of good events and if the BTC decides to stop falling, the Throne will still show the former price for the token.
IOTA coin is expected many positive events in February-March. You have to get money on Binance and buy smth.

Successful investments!