Tip #1. Start to regard the market of the ICO projects as the place where you can invest

If you are not satisfied with BTH and ETH, which rise and fall about 3-5% per day I present you an alternative: the market of the ICO projects. Due to it you can not only double or triple your investments, but also tenfold and, if you’re lucky, you have a chance to increase your capital even more!

Inside information

Here is what Sergey Glushkov says, an experienced trader since 2006:

Recently, I get the fastest X by purchasing coins before the listing at the new stock exchange and draining this token after listing on the starting pump.
Also, in November and December, 9 of the top 10 ICOs made x10-x20 in the first weeks immediately after the ICO.

Therefore, at the moment I have two main directions:

a) to learn about the upcoming listing on one of the following exchanges
b) to be among the first persons who could get the chance to buy tokens at the end of the ICO when entering the exchange.
If you want to work within this fields, you will need to register on four major exchanges that constantly drop tokens immediately after the ICO (yes, it’s refs, why not)

Binance – https://goo.gl/CKXUiS
Kucoin – https://goo.gl/VGGSeq
Gate – https://goo.gl/KBpwMo
Bibox – https://goo.gl/FE45xR

The most powerful growth to the coin gives a listing on Binance – the stock exchange, which is always on top positions. In other words, the coin is doomed to x2-x3 when entering the Binance.
Kucoin and Gate are smaller stock exchanges, but they quickly go to the top due to the fact that they list the current tokens.
Bibox is a new exchange. There are rumors that this is a Binance exchange project for the Asian market. If it is so, then soon we will see it on the top.

All in all, if you are not registered on one of this exchanges, do it immediately. Follow its Telegram and Twitter and watch its news about new listings.

This is indirectly confirmed by Dan Morehead, the founder and CEO of Pantera Capital. In an interview with Fast Money’s CNBC channel, Morehead spoke about the most attractive offers on the market and included ICO in that list. Although Pantera Capital works primarily with large cryptocurrencies, such as BTC or ETR, the interest of Morehead is caused precisely by ICO.
“In my opinion, the most interesting rate is the token on the new protocols, the so-called ICO, primarily because of their small capitalization.”
Be aware of ICO-projects. Successful investments to you!