Synapse AI  Project – Rating 8 points out of 10

The token project under scrutiny today is Synapse AI — a kind of a global decentralized blockchain platform or a de facto — brain that anyone can help build and tap into. Everybody knows that AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. A lot of people are waiting for it to come as soon as possible and spare their lives from a lot of everyday problems. There are hundreds of aspects and areas of AI systems implementation.

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WPR Project – Rating 8 points out of 10 possible

Investigating the last months’ ICO projects, I have already written about ICO scam and HYIP, then about the projects that seemed funny.

Now it is the turn of projects, which are really useful not only for their developers but also for humanity (in my humble opinion). 😉

The first of them concerns one of the most vital problems for all the humanity — electricity generation. Continue reading “WPR Project – Rating 8 points out of 10 possible”

Cryptoinvestors: profiles & natural habitat

It is a well known fact that investors are the people who have a lot of spare money. They vehemently try to get rid of it by supporting crazy projects like Telephone (“hardly more than a toy”), Airplanes (“Man will not fly for 50 years” — Wilbur Wright, 1901), Apple, Google, Bitcoin… They fail to do it after the projects become unbelievably successful. So, they get back to square one with ten times the money they used to have…

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Starting a crypto-blog… Why shouldn’t I?

The recent year one’s been hearing a lot about bitcoin and mining, blockchain and crypto currency, ICO and tokens, from early morning till late night… Thus a lot of ordinary people expanded their vocabulary as much as six words! While dollar and euro are eating their hearts out as bitcoin hits growth records, we know almost nothing about other crypto-currencies, despite they are already more than one thousand…
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