Cryptoinvestors: profiles & natural habitat

It is a well known fact that investors are the people who have a lot of spare money. They vehemently try to get rid of it by supporting crazy projects like Telephone (“hardly more than a toy”), Airplanes (“Man will not fly for 50 years” — Wilbur Wright, 1901), Apple, Google, Bitcoin… They fail to do it after the projects become unbelievably successful. So, they get back to square one with ten times the money they used to have…

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The Ten Commandments for an ICO/ITO issuer

Anyone who came up with some brilliant idea and already tried to find funds for it, knows how difficult is to attract investors. Bank interest and the collateral requirements are able to strangle any good business at the root … And the red tape with the preparation of a business plan (satisfying the high demands of bankers) and collecting of a heap of other papers may knock any businessman out. Therefore, there has always been a demand for more affordable and less formal sources of financing.
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Starting a crypto-blog… Why shouldn’t I?

The recent year one’s been hearing a lot about bitcoin and mining, blockchain and crypto currency, ICO and tokens, from early morning till late night… Thus a lot of ordinary people expanded their vocabulary as much as six words! While dollar and euro are eating their hearts out as bitcoin hits growth records, we know almost nothing about other crypto-currencies, despite they are already more than one thousand…
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