Viola AI Project – Rating 8 Points Out Of 10 Possible!

Viola AI is the first dating service of its kind on blockchain platform with use of AI. Thanks to the implementation of new technologies, the platform’s security will significantly improve: the AI ​​will conduct user identification and person’s analysis, determine optimal solutions and, besides, give personal recommendations to users Continue reading “Viola AI Project – Rating 8 Points Out Of 10 Possible!”

Tip # 4. How to Get Free Tokens from ICO Projects

Literally every day you can find a lot of ICO projects promising handfuls of free tokens in the Internet. And this is a minimum of $ 5- $ 10 from each project, regardless the prospects of their growth on the exchanges! If now you spend a little time just to register with such projects, then in 5-6 months you will feel a significant increase to the budget. Continue reading “Tip # 4. How to Get Free Tokens from ICO Projects”

Synapse AI  Project – Rating 8 points out of 10

The token project under scrutiny today is Synapse AI — a kind of a global decentralized blockchain platform or a de facto — brain that anyone can help build and tap into. Everybody knows that AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. A lot of people are waiting for it to come as soon as possible and spare their lives from a lot of everyday problems. There are hundreds of aspects and areas of AI systems implementation.

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World’s Top-12 Cryptocurrency Web-sites According to Dickinson-Junior

I continue to introduce the most interesting and useful crypto currencies related web-sites to my dearest readers who just stand on the crypto-currency path. With ICO-trackers we have already figured out, and as far as crypto exchanges are concerned, I gonna tell you in the next article. Today, we analyze useful and interesting news and analytical web resources.
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ICO Piggyback Ride

(A look at the ICOs who do their best to piggyback on the blockchain )

Those ICO trackers are a fascinating read!
Apart from useful information about the upcoming token offerings you can kickback and have some fun. To do that you just need to have a fresh look at those, who try to ride the crypto hype wave on their projects.

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