ATTENTION! Scam News from Russia!

The first reported case of Russian crypto scammers. This news is not about what you have thought at first! It is about  malefactors scammins ICO-teams, not evil ICO-teams scamming their investors!  Firstly, those people with honest eyes promise to promote your ICO project rapidly and ask for their services about 4.5 mln rubles (about 78 thousand US dollars!) But a little bit later they disappear with prepayment. Exactly that has happened to Russian ICO project called TerraMiner.

The the essence of conflict:  Kurskaya Reklama (Kursk Advertisment) Company suggested TerraMiner team to promote their ICO project, claiming that only due to them many of Russian ICO projects succeeded. So, they concluded an agreement and the contractor received an advance payment of 2,500,000 rubles (about 43 thousand US dollars!)

Instead of promised services of the highest quality the team received almost no result. While the crypto-advertisers were wasting time, the normal texts were written by the TerraMiner regular journalists, and the account manager told the customer that he had already been fired. After that, the senior lawyer of Kursk Advertisment came on the scene, demanding that the customer should pay for the services that in reality had not been provided!

After Kursk advertisers met with a strict position of the customer not to pay for services of the shameful quality, they began to spread false information about the 15 million ruble (about 192 thousand US dollars!!!)
debt of the customer! The patience of the TerraMiner team ended and they intended to apply to the Court.

I really think that we must know such fraudsters by names in order to ensure only the highest performance quality from all the players of the ICO market. If any of my followers have the same negative experience I invite you to join in the discussion in comments