My Visit to the SmartO Project Office and Photo Report About It

If you read my ICO surveys especially one of the latest devoted to the SmartO mobile application, you probably will be interested to look behind the scenes of the project and see how its team lives. A fortiori SmartO should be the best ICO-project of 2018.

The SmartO team office is located in the center of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia in one of the newest and most comfortable business centers of that city.

The team is working behind this door. Here I was met hospitably by Kristina, PR-Manager of the project:



In their office there is a biz-like and at the same time quiet atmosphere. All guys and girls of the team are confident in their abilities and work with full dedication:


There is a splendid view from the office window:


In the city of Nizhny Novgorod there is quite a lot of snow, temperature 14 degrees below zero (Centigrade):


Of course, I had to ask these pretty girls to interrupt their job for a while to make a few selfies:


I saw an unusual painting on the office wall. It turned out to be brought from Cambodia. The elephants on it will bring wealth to the house in which it is hanging!


Now closer to the pretty girls:


I talked with Ildar Mukhametzhanov, the visionary and CTO of the project:


He is sure that all the work on creating a super-application of the XXI century will accurately go in accordance with the road map (it is going now by the way) and the project will be implemented on time!

Alyona Selezneva is the Project Manager. She is responsible for monitoring the execution of all assigned tasks and goals. She has a lot of work! So she usually drinks coffee and dines at her computer:


By the way, I was given a very tasty espresso here, directly from the coffee machine, not just an ordinary office soluble one!


The interior of the office is quite interesting, with live green plants:


Anyone can see that the SmartO team wants to make the office cozy and home-looking:


I asked Kristina who was my guide over the office what kind of interesting hat is this? She told me that this is a special steam room hat, brought from the legendary Sanduny bathhouse. It is the oldest in Moscow and also famous for the action of the cult Russian film “The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!” takes place there.


Another mascot of the office: a wall calendar donated to one of the team members by a relative working in the legendary FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation):


Ildar gave me a SmartO team polo shirt:


I hope it will become my talisman! I think I should make regular trips to get acquainted with ICO-projects teams. True, at the moment the general picture is like this: you can find but e-mail on ICO-project web-sites. Usually no any team indicates phone numbers or a real office address. Unfortunately…

Therefore, I speak of the SmartO team as an example of openness to other ICO projects!


The ambitions of the SmartO team spread all over the globe: this mobile application will become so popular in the coming years that it will be installed in every smartphone!


I wish the best of luck to these very promising young guys and girls! The review of the SmartO ICO project and the terms of its token sale you can read here.