Hype and HYIP are “two big differencies”

as old wise jews from Odessa say…

(kinda linguistic research)

I think few people only remember from their college grammar course about the existence of homophones. These are words having a different spelling and different meaning but the same pronunciation. This is the case of the verbal pair “hype — HYIP”…

It was very interesting for me to get to the truth, which is not always in the wine, but sometimes it hides in the dictionary …

The best thing in such cases is to have a look at Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurushttps://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/hype

So, according to this reliable source

hype as an adjective, slang means something “of the very best kind”. It is my favorite notion!

As a noun this four-letter word has two meanings:

1. a person who regularly uses drugs especially illegally

2. a slender hollow instrument by which material is put into or taken from the body through the skin.

Synonyms for this noun are: hypodermic syringehypodermic needle.

Meaning of the verb to hype evidently comes from the second meaning of the noun (hypodermic syringe), not the adjective!

Judge for yourself: to hype is to make greater in size, amount, or number (e. g. as in the framework of scientific experiment a syringe can be used to pump a frog with an air, may the defenders of the wild nature forgive me!)

The second meaning of the verb follows from the first: to provide publicity for.

The both meanings have been familiar to me since childhood. I remember the scandal erupted in the UK because of the artificial inflating and falsification of places in the charts, when the first places in the hit-parades were not those songs and bands that were really popular with the people, but those for which the producers “greased” the compilers of all these sorts of “Top-5”, “Top-10” and “Top-20”.

So this phenomenon of inflating mediocre groups to the scale of something outstanding was called “hyping”, evidently from the words “hypodermic syringe”, which for short is also called “hypo”).

Now you can understand why the meanings something very goodto provide publicity and syringe go hand in hand in dictionaries.

Finally we reached the most interesting point. Those who not only listen but read news about crypto-currencies in English know the context the word “ HYIP “ is used! In the crypto-currency world it is the abbreviation for High Yield Investment Program. Unfortunately, most often these programs/projects turn out to be fraudulent investment schemes also known as pyramid schemes and this is true for 80% of ICO and ITO, read details here: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/h/high-yield-investment-program.asp


To put a long story short usually as soon as the founders of such projects manage to grab a sufficient sum of money and their HYIP ends with scamScam is a fraud, especially in the field of investment, the case when the founders of a project terminate payments on it and disappear “out of sight” of all investors and law enforcement authorities!

There are many ways to reveal whether an ICO/ITO project is such a HYIP and will inevitably become a “scam” — but this is a topic for a separate conversation!