VIOX Project – Rating 7 points of 10

The token we are going to explore today is VIOX or the token of Smart-Home-App under development by Vionex.

For the readers who missed the previous three reviews I dare to remind that I have already written an article about ICO scam and HYIP, then about the projects that seemed funny.

Now it is the turn of projects, which are really useful not only for their developers but also for all mankind (in my humble opinion). 😉

The first of them concerned one of the most vital problems of our time — electricity generation (WePower).

The second, Synapse AI, is a kind of a global decentralized platform that lets ordinary users get paid for their data.

The third is SocialX — a decentralized social media platform allowing users to distribute content seamlessly and monetize it.

Decades ago many people dreamed of their own homes. Nowadays the majority of home-owners dream of smart homes. For someone it has already become a reality, for others it is still a dream. To this point, the smart home has not yet become a mass phenomenon for several reasons. Of course, the first reason is financial, and the second one is the apparent complexity of managing its systems. Nevertheless it is a fast-growing market.

For examples let us refer to different countries’ statistic data:

The UK

Revenue in the Smart Home devices market is expected to show annual 23.6% growth rate, bringing the market volume in US$5,562 million in 2022. This year it amounts to US$1,927 million.


Revenue in the Smart Home devices market is expected to show annual 24% growth rate, bringing the market volume in US$5,828 million in 2022. This year it amounts to US$1,988 million.


Revenue in the Smart Home devices market is expected to show annual 28.7% growth rate, bringing the market volume in US$6,976 million in 2022. This year it amounts to US$1,980 m.

One of the highest growth rates is expected in Russia — 64.7%, bringing the market volume in US$1,741 million in 2022. This year it amounts to US$144 million.

Global comparison shows that most of the income generated in the United States (15,422 million U.S. dollars in 2017, bringing the market volume in US$32,806 million in 2022.

Unfortunately to US citizens, Vionex officially announced that it does not sell tokens to them in connection with the well-known events. Let the investors of other countries rejoice: they will have more tokens! 🙂

Vionex has the team of the ten experienced professionals knowing how to make a smart home control system simple and understandable for any person — offering security, safety and comfort at the same time. Their smart app has many great features. It has access to home camera systems, automation and smoke detection systems, making it easy to shut down a smoke detector using the application.

How is this related to the blockchain technology?

By means of blockchain technology every order is marked and the intelligent smart home system learns to do this. This ensures maximum automation. Each process is marked and maintained in such a way that automation can only be changed by setting parameters with the Vionex-Smart-Home-App. The user has absolute control over the system and through decentralization no one can access it and change it.

Besides, nobody can fake, bribe or hack the data written in the blockchain blocks. Blockchain supports smart contracts. This facilitates, verifies, enforces agreements and the execution of a contract in an automatic and transparent way.

According to the team the tokenomics of the project works after ICO this way:

*“Firstly, the benefits of our token are that you can purchase Vionex products at a lower cost with VIOX, which we want to enable standarization in SmartHome modernization. You can also buy our products with BTC, ETH and fiat currencies, but then you pay the full price. Secondly, our customers get VIOX for promotion and loyalty. Thirdly, we also have offerings where people can get VIOX for feedback rewards. Last but not least, we always do our best to improve ourselves.

There are improvements and renewals of Vionex coming. More information will follow in the near future”* ( ).

Details of the comig ICO:

Date & time: 1st December 2017–28th February 2018

VIOX TOKEN is a smart-contract on the Ethereum platform (ERC20).

Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD; hard cap: 10,000,000 USD.

Token launch completion:

Token sale would be over either when all the tokens are sold or the 90-day period is over.

Accepted currencies: during the initial sale for Ether or Bitcoin.

Exchange rate: 1 VIOX = 0.50 USD (fifty US cents)

Tokens deployed in total: 100,000,000 VIOX

The fast-growing smart homes market offers good prospects for everything related to investing in it. Sapienti sat! 😉

Build the Smart Home of Your Dream and Control It With VIOX Tokens!

Merry Christmas and Happy Investments in 2018!