Viola AI Project – Rating 8 Points Out Of 10 Possible!

Viola AI is the first dating service of its kind on blockchain platform with use of AI. Thanks to the implementation of new technologies, the platform’s security will significantly improve: the AI ​​will conduct user identification and person’s analysis, determine optimal solutions and, besides, give personal recommendations to users

The project team consists of 10 people. 13 years ago, they started out in the dating industry with a 3-people team and today, they have grown into a regional dating web-site working in 6 countries with over a 110-people operation.

Two years ago they launched LunchClick dating app, a self-service platform that focuses on bringing singles from online to offline (real dates) as soon as possible. All their matching platforms are concentrated on bringing people to real dates and in total, they have arranged more than 100,000 dates.

Challenges that VIOLA.AI solves


Lack of Verification – Leads to scamming on dating sites

Unsuccessful Matches – Neglect on the right mindset to “be the right one”

Breach of Trust – Dating sites lure customers using fake profiles 

Courtship & Marriages

 Increasing Relationship Woes – Breakdown of romance and communication in marriages

Diverse Sources for Advice – Confusion on which advice to follow

Hesitation to Seek Help – Stigma and privacy concerns halt troubled couples to seek help

Over-focus on “Meeting” in the New World of Dating

Singles are finding it harder to find the right one (despite over 80% say they would eventually want to settle down) as seen from the number of never married singles increasing worldwide. Most singles believe that they are single because they have not met the right one. They think that dating apps are the holy grail to help resolve their problem. However, 55% of singles in the United States have realised that technology has made dating harder and 61% are negatively impacted in their ability to have meaningful face-to-face conversations. Many singles have since concluded that online dating is hard work.

Increasing Relationship Challenges

More marriages worldwide are failing than ever before. In the United States and Europe, the divorce rates range from 53% to as high as 70%. Even in conservative Japan, divorce rates have jumped 4 times in the last 30 years with 1 in 3 marriages ending in failure. One major challenge many couples experience is the dearth and eventually death of romance after the honeymoon years. This lack of romance or taking one another for granted lead to boredom and lack of connection which contributes towards a marriage breakdown. Many couples entering marriage focus on the wedding, not knowing that there are also many different milestones which could be relationship minefields. Newly married couples are often in for a shock as they start to learn about each other’s personal habits and the adjustments necessary to make the marriage work.

Viola.AI provides a decentralized identity and reputation solution on the blockchain for both users and merchants. With the Real-ID Verification approach, all relevant parties can be cryptographically linked to their verified online identity and reputation data. Not only does this allow users to truly own an online identity rather than a corporation, this will lead to more confident and trust in the communities and marketplace. To counter all the above, Viola.AI’s Real-ID Verification creates a quick and efficient process to ensure that a person’s dating profile photo and some basic ID has resemblance to the truth.

Below are the steps:

The advantages for all users verified by Viola.AI’s Real-ID are:

  • It ensures the profile a user sees represents a real person and not a bot made to bait the user into signing a subscription plan.
  • Lesser disappointments on physical appearance in first face-to-face dates due to greater authenticity of photos used (i.e. what you see on photo more closely resembles what you see in person).
  • Higher standards to the photos used in the network and better clarity for all parties.
  • Basic user information is verified so that the data used on the profile is real as well.

Step 1 • User uploads profile picture of his face

Step 2 • Viola.AI requests user to video scan his face with Viola.AI app

Step 3 • Viola scans, matches and verifies with facial recognition.

  • If unsuccessful, user must upload better and recent photo
  • Check on user’s social media is also done

Step 4 • Upon successful verification, data is encrypted using private/public key and saved on phone

  • Step 5 • Viola takes extra security measure to obfuscate the data

Step 6 • Viola writes the hashed, signed data onto blockchain

Step 7 • User data becomes unreadable to anyone without authorization

Step 8 • Repeat Real-ID Verification process for every change of profile picture

Use Case

Elizabeth downloads the Viola.AI App and creates an account. She uploads a photo that has half her face blocked and Viola.AI then takes a video scan of her face for the verification process. The verification fails as the photo Elizabeth has used is not suitable (or even good for a dating profile) when compared to the video scan. She is then prompted to use another photo which she uploads to Viola.AI again. This time, the photo used is more suitable and the verification test passes. Elizabeth logs in to her Facebook account to allow verification to be conducted on her profile which includes name and other basic information. The final checks are passed and Elizabeth can proceed to use her verified dating profile on Viola.AI.

VIOLA builds the token to have strong utility


Besides just the Viola.AI app, the VIOLA token will be integrated with our existing ecosystem of 4 apps, 2 websites and 4 offline services (integrated 3rd party Merchants/Partners) so that VIOLA tokens can used by its owners almost immediately and with decent scale upon its launch.

The core utilities of Viola Tokens are: 

  1. a) Payment Transactions – VIOLA token can be used for payment for goods and services in the 10 platforms in our eco-system and with plans to expand into other partners’ ecosystems/platforms as well.
  2. b) Advertising to Growing User-base – Merchants/Experts would also buy Viola tokens to advertise the growing database, presenting another strong source of utility besides the transactional utility.
  3. c) Community Token – Users can ask the community questions and upon great content, responses or ideas given, a reward of VIOLA tokens will be given. Rewards will also be given for referring new users or merchants who spend on Viola.AI as a thank you for helping grow the platform.

The VIOLA token is instrumental in building up interactivity and growth traction in the Viola.AI community who will be encouraged and rewarded by providing great content to benefit other users and which the Viola.AI engine can learn from, providing the growing data that Viola.AI can grow better and more accurate from.

The dating, courtship and relationship related spending market is estimated to be at least $800 billion.


Throughout a person’s dating and relationship journey, Viola.AI will recommend highly targeted and relevant content, goods and service from the better rated experts/merchants to users according to their personalised needs, relationship timelines (birthdays, anniversaries, special dates), relationship stage (e.g. no wedding rings ads for singles who have not found the right one yet) and other customisable factors. Experts and merchants would thus enjoy higher sales conversion rates due to the timing and relevance of these recommendations. Using Ethereum smart contracts, all parties will be assured that any community and partner’s effort to improve Viola.AI will get their agreed due rewards or revenue share.

The World’s Most Effective A.I. Adviser/Assistant for Dating and Relationships

Most of the dating or relationship bots in the market focus on a simple one-dimensional part of the dating or relationship stage. If it is a dating bot, it solely focuses on matches and dates whereas all the data and information gathered are wasted when the user gets into a relationship, upon which the dating bot becomes useless. Viola.AI’s capabilities do not just cover dating, but extends into courtship, exclusivity and marriage. This will help address the conflict of interest that dating services face where the more effective they are, the earlier they lose their best-paying users. Thus, Viola.AI will always service its users to the best of her ability.

When a user finds someone, and is now exclusively dating him/ her, Viola.AI will simply evolve to courtship-centric advice and recommendations, focus on date arrangements; all relevant to an exclusive relationship. Viola.AI can even serve the user in the case of a break-up and ease the person back into dating when he/she is ready. Viola.AI does not judge. If a user’s current preference is to make friends or focus on casual dating, Viola.AI will provide the right matches based on mutual intentions. Similarly, users who are looking for serious relationship will be matched with people of similar intentions.

Use Case

Henry is using Viola.AI to find new matches. Finally, Viola.AI informs Henry that one of his matches, Elizabeth, is also interested in meeting up with him. She proposes to arrange the date on Wednesday (after checking both side’s calendars) in a Japanese restaurant (both parties like Japanese food) that is relatively near (based on where Henry and Elizabeth work). Henry agrees to the date, time and venue. Shortly after, he receives a notification that Elizabeth has also agreed. One day before the date, Henry receives a reminder on the date and Viola.AI suggests a first date article for Henry to read. On the day itself, Viola.AI prompts Henry to leave work on time and shows him the location of the restaurant again to avoid being late (first impression counts). Henry finally meets Elizabeth face to face. They both hit it off which Viola.AI promptly asked Henry for feedback on how the date went after the date. After a few more dates proposed and arranged by Viola.AI, Henry and Elizabeth decide to become an exclusive couple. Henry updates Viola.AI on this change in his relationship with Elizabeth and Viola.AI now switches mode from matchmaker to love advisor and begins to help Henry to grow his relationship with Elizabeth henceforth (e.g. reminding him of important dates and prompting him to gift). All this time, Elizabeth goes through the same process as Henry.

To encourage the growth of Viola.AI, VIOLET tokens are rewarded for a range of actions taken by users

1. Referral

When a referrer recommends another user to purchase any goods and services, we would reward the referrer with 10% of the 1% to 10% of the revenue share in VIOLET tokens for every purchase made. This essential gives them a lifetime of residual income and a great incentive for users, the community, merchants and partners to help grow the Viola.AI user-base with us. Similarly, when the referrer introduces another business to purchase advertising from Viola.AI, the referrer will earn a commission of 5% of the advertising amount every time the business makes a purchase.New Verified Users

A small amount of VIOLET Token shall be rewarded to each new verified user that joins the Viola.AI community to both encourage active use of Viola.AI and to make their first purchase.

2. Gamification:

Rewards given will be curtained on regular updates that provide data, good usage of Viola.AI and achieving a high relationship or dating “score” in the gamification element of Viola.AI.

3. Bug Bounty

Reporting bugs in Viola.AI can also earn points in VIOLET. The bigger the bug reported and verified, the more VIOLET tokens shall be given.

To prevent Viola.AI’s Rewards Pool from running dry, every time the pool decreases by 50%, the rewards shall be reduced by 1/2 accordingly. This helps rewards early adopters of the Viola.AI platform, keeping the pool from running out too fast. The rewards pool, however, is supported by the monthly 40% of the revenue share to Viola.AI which shall continue to replenish Viola.AI’s reward program for all parties and keep it at full capacity as much as possible.

Community Crowd Wisdom

Viola.AI is designed so that all users can always get free advice from Viola.AI on an individual basis and in a discreet manner so they are less reluctant to ask questions. However, as Viola.AI is still in the early days of development, it will take time for Viola.AI to learn and to give the most relevant advice. The area of love, dating and relationship is very broad with many possible complex scenarios and permutations.

The release of MVP is scheduled for May 2018. 


The Blockchain and A.I. revolution has just begun. Even though it is still in its infancy, we know with certainty that this revolution would shake up many industries and businesses including ours. We believe that this would be the key to building a better dating and relationship industry. This revolution would also enable the crowd to share in the fruits of their contributions via smart contracts and spread the financial benefits to the many rather than being left in the hands of a few. A.I. technology often has a bad reputation; slated to putting millions of people out of job and potentially creating chaos. We are convicted that A.I. technology can be channelled to create love and promote better understanding for relationships.

What a good mission for a project! I think it deserves 8 points out of 10. In the Eastern countries, the figure 8 symbolizes well-being and prosperity, and that is what I wish to this project!

Viola.AI ICO-project in a nutshell:

VIOLET Token Symbol: VLT

Public Token Sale starts: 14.03.2018 at 12:00PM Singapore’s Time

Public Token Sale finishes: 13.04.2018 at 12:00PM Singapore’s Time

First 24 hours: 20% bonus

Day 2 & 3: 15% bonus

Day 4 to 10: 10% bonus

Day 11 to 30: No bonus

Soft Cap: US$1 million

Hard Cap: US$12.5 million

Token Public Sales Price for one VIOLET US$0.20

Accepted Crypto Currencies:  BTC & ETH

More details on: