“SmartO” Project – Rating 10 Points out of 10!

This is the first ICO project considered by me that deserves such a high appraisal in terms of utility for humanity, speaking in a lofty language. I am ready to substantiate my assessment in detail.

SmartO has so many useful, interesting and effective schticks that the story about them can easily take coupla dozen pages! Really, it’s very difficult to do this in a small review. I will try my best … So,

SmartO is a multi-functional mobile application with the use of blockchain technologies that unites many of the existing services and helps us to solve everyday tasks optimizing our working day and telling us how and in what order to complete all our tasks more quickly, easily and effectively!

For users this application is free and embodies their natural dream – to receive rewards playfully. That is, by downloading SmartO, you are already starting to get e-currency for simple actions that you still make using the smartphone.

This application feature is called “User Monetization” and I should spare a separate review to it. So far, I gonna mention the five ways to get a reward in SmartO effortlessly. It is worth mentioning too, that many processes are automated and do not require additional actions from the user.

Now about what SmartO is useful for us all, regardless of gender, education, nationality and occupation. First of all, this application is convenient to use both for beginners of all ages and experienced smartphone users.

SmartO for everyone will:

  – remind of the birthday of a friend, a loved one, a boss or a mother-in-law.

– tell you where to get the best insurance for your car or find a good and inexpensive car service,

– help a sick person to take medicine in time

– remind you of your wife’s / husband’s request to buy foods on your way home, if you forgot about it

– find a hotel and prompt a good restaurant in a foreign land, in a strange city

– warn about bad weather and tell you what clothes to go out today

– control the time your child leaves for the athletics or the dance school and returns back

– organize a date for those who have not yet met their couple

– facilitate us a lot of other things…

SmartO for business, that is, for suppliers of goods and services

In business field, SmartO also has good prospects. For all businesses this is a tool for interacting with employees in the working chat and a CRM system, as well as means of feedback to their customers.

Here is an example: united in a work group in SmartO messenger, construction workers on different objects can drop orders to their procurement officer for construction materials, and SmartO will form the entire list. At the same time, thanks to the geolocation, SmartO will tell him which building supplies stores are on the route of his car, and where he can buy items from the list and at what price!

The businesses registered in SmartO have the fastest opportunity to find their target and creditworthy audience. That means saving time and money for them.

Definitely, the common SmartO functionality will be useful for all entrepreneurs and investors, too. I know how terrible the words “organize your day” sound for many people, but we all usually strive to do as much as possible. True, without a personal assistant it is next to impossible…

Thus SmartO is in four words your “superbooster for every day”!

More information about the advantages of SmartO for business can be found at www.smarto.im


Benefits for SmartO investors

Why buy SmartO app tokens (STO tokens):

  • This is an IT project, the implementation of which does not require long years and the scaling сan be performed in a short time
  • SmartO market is unlimited, since users of the application are people of all ages and all kinds of activities
  • It is guaranteed to gain profit due to the growth of the STO token exchange rate on the stock exchanges as a result of the project ecosystem functioning and as well as of the use of special marketing tools for token and the application promotion
  • The investor protection program implies the purchase of STO tokens from them at an initial cost a year after the tokens were listed on the exchanges
  • The guaranteed profit program assumes 20% of the income accrued on the investors’ initial investment in the STO tokens if their exchange rate increases by less than 20%.

Team and project prospects

I visited the company’s office in Nizhny Novgorod and personally met with the project team. They are real people and they are already working on the application. Here I am glad to present you a photo report about my meeting with them. SmartO ideologist and CTO Ildar Mukhametzhanov has a solid track record. The team he brought together consists of young promising professionals who are clearly focused on accomplishing the tasks facing them. The project team plans to work continuously in two main directions:

  • development and improvement of the SmartO application, so that every smartphone owner would install it;
  • development of the STO token economy so that the project tokens are integrated not only into the SmartO platform, but also act as a universal instrument of payment.

After getting acquainted with the team personally, I can say that these people can be trusted and they successfully implement the project in accordance with the road map.


Thus, taking into account all indicators, including the prospects of the project and its practical benefits for users, for business and for investors (the real embodiment of the win-win strategy), I estimate the project at 10 deserved points out of 10 possible.


SmartO Pre-ICO and ICO in a nutshell: 

Pre-ICO Start: April 06, 2018 at 20:00 UTC

Pre-ICO End: April 15, 2018 a 20:00 UTC

ICO start: April 26, 2018 at 20:00 UTC

ICO end: May 07, 2018 at 20:00 UTC

Token Name: STO

Token Standard: ERC20

Token Regulation: unsold tokens are burned

Smart contract: based on Ethereum blockchain

STO tokens minimum purchase: 10,000 pcs

STO tokens maximum purchase: no limit

More information about SmartO can be found at www.smarto.im

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