NAU Project – Rating 7 points out of 10

The ICO project I am going to present to you today is NAU, which — takes advantage of the growing use of mobile phones and geolocation data to connect retailers directly with their customers, by means of digital coupons.

We all love discounts and no one likes to overpay for foods or gadgets or other products. That is why discount coupons are popular all over the world. The fact is that retailers spend a lot of money to promote and distribute their coupons. These costs ultimately put a strain on ordinary consumers. Besides, another headache for people: they receive a bunch of non-targeted offers, plus not always convenient on a territorial basis.

NAU in a nutshell is digital coupons, but totally reimagined. Users receive benefits in the form of offers filtered in relation to their location.

Speaking business language, the project is aimed at optimization of attracting new customers to the retailers, i.e. carrying out the promotional activities in the form of discounts and bonuses within the user friendly platform without unnecessary intermediaries. The project is based on the so-called principle of SoLoMo: using the prevalence and potential of social networks (Social), traditional (local) business (Location) is promoting itself through the global mobilization of Internet users (mobile).

Besides, speaking in the customer’s language, there is a very advantageous referral program for the users:

Any user can be an affiliate partner. Inviting other users (friends, colleagues or followers on social networks) to NAU, the user receives 95% of what the advertiser pays in tokens for each offer redemption. It is absolutely destructive to the current paradigm of the market, where the intermediaries share advertising money and users have almost no motivation to recommend and share in their circles of communication.

But how can a user be sure that he is not cheated with his referral percentage?

Here comes the blockchain! Everyone can check the amount of tokens paid by the advertiser for each sale and make sure the affiliate has received 95% of this amount. This approach also guarantees there is no hidden token emission from the system besides the declared token sale amount. The platform itself becomes more reliable and safe as the blockchain is stored on multiple nodes that confirm each transaction.

NAU uses a private blockchain based on the MultiChain technology. Transactions in the blockchain are visible to anyone using the proprietary public monitoring service. One can also run his own monitoring service setting the personal node. It was chosen instead of using public networks blockchain to avoid paying rewards for miners on each transaction, as these awards do not correspond microtransactions model within NAU.

The company is currently launching its local headquarters in the following countries: Germany, Philippines, Colombia, Russia and Ukraine. The local offices are responsible for signing agreements with agents and advertisers along with the local influencers that will execute the initial platform app promotion.

As for the tokenomy of the project: NAU tokens are also used to pay for NAU Platform additional services, that include but are not limited to: purchasing the “Featured” badge for the retailer; sending personalised offers with push-in notifications to the targeted audience.

When users transfer NAU tokens between the wallets, a 0.5% commission is taken from each transaction. In future, NAU tokens would be accepted by the willing retailers as partial or full payment for their goods and services.

According to the NAU team private presale round held on Sep 15 — Oct 15 successfully ended with $1.5M raised. The price on this stage was set at $0.04/token with 300% bonus and only qualified investors with investments over $50k in any equivalent were eligible to participate. Bonus token will be locked-up for 6 months after the initial token distribution.

The public presale round has been announced successfully finished Dec 29, 2017 with sale limited to 50M tokens priced at $0.04 each with 35% bonus. The public token sale round was limited to $50.000 contributions per 1 person.

The remaining tokens will be distributed in 2018 through the performance based rounds (announced prior to NAU launch on a new market). The price will be determined by the total volume of the contributions divided by the number of tokens available for the particular distribution round. ETH, BTC and LTC will be accepted as cryptocurrencies of contribution during NAU Token Sale. For more information refer to

What is nice is the fact that “this is the first project in the digital coupons industry that creates a win-win paradigm for all the participant — says Mr. Yaroslav Shakula, Team Lead for NAU. — Everyone wins: retailers get sales for an affordable price, customers enjoy bargain offers and affiliates make money for driving sales to retailers. Introducing tokens allows direct reward payment from retailers to users, which is otherway very difficult and expensive”.

I think this project deserves 7 points out of 10 for sure!

When something is mutually beneficial — it’s good! Wait and see how it will work within this project!