Project MOVE – Rating 7 points out of 10

If you did not have enough incentive to do fitness or jogging, finally it appeared! Remember instructors usually say: Move, move, and move again? Today MOVE is the name of the new token under my scrutiny.
 MOVE! And earn, not just have fun!

The Movement App team is based in California and comprises of five people former employees of Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, Facebook and other famous companies.

They are developing an economic model and an application for the monetization of active lifestyles and sports. It would be based on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts.

In support of its concept, the team provides the following data:

There are 2.38 billion smartphone-users all over the world. Almost 2 billion people who make up 28% of the world population lead active lifestyle and exercise on a daily basis. It is very difficult to specify the exact percentage of people who use walking as the main form of transportation everyday but almost everybody uses the walk for beating short and medium distances. It can be foreseen that this number exceeds 80% of the world population. All of these people are potential customers of the Movement App.

Let’s refer to the 27-pages WP of this promising project:

“We are now creating a unique platform, which is developed to motivate user to lead active lifestyle, control health conditions and improve it while getting coins for it. Coins could be used to purchase sports-related goods from in-app Shop like sportswear, sport nutrition, online fitness & Yoga courses etc. and could be transferred into tradeable MOVE Tokens in one click.

Users will be given an ability to use their own time and energy to make profit. Movement App would also become a place for a community with common interests in sports, active & healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition”So, everyone would be able to get coins for beating distance. It could be running, jogging or walking, outside or using treadmill.

Another schtick of this app (not the onle one) which brings the spirit of competition to its users:

“A fun way to earn MOVE tokens. The concept lies in simple sport betting vs another player. For instance, user challenge another person who runs 5 miles faster and bet some amount of MOVE tokens. The other person must match the bet for challenge to begin. Once the person accepts your bet, you both need to get ready, once you are ready you will hit the “START” button and begin competing. Our platform will ensure the transparency of the challenge by recording all the steps and GPS position. We will monitor both players at the same time and look for any abnormal behavior to prevent cheating…”

Of course there are “Friends Referrals: User refers friends to the app and gets bonus in RUN coins + extra bonus for referred user”.

Monetization of the Movement App is achieved by adding in-app sporting-goods Shop and context based advertisement. Coin holders will be able to purchase goods straight in the app with no need to conversion into fiat money.

Some necessary explanations: The currency that will be used inside the Movement App is the RUN coin. It will give an opportunity to interact within the platform. RUN coin can be used to trade it into ERC-20 MOVE Tokens, that can be exchanged or sold on the crypto market.

Notice: the MOVE tokens are not shares of the company, but a crypto currency to be used with the platform. The main investment from buying these tokens is to sell them in the future for more money and receive profit from the matgin. The team expects the price of MOVE token to pick up by 2019 to around 2 USD per coin and have a steady growth to 18 USD by 2022.

As for the RUN coins are concerned they are to be used inside the platform only and are more akin to points than real money. Of course, they won’t be traded on crypto exchanges.

Pre-ICO finished already. It’s a pity, but by the beginning of this January the team has collected 10 ETH only. Despite the poor performance in the pre-sale the founders of the project are optimistic about the future of their App: ”Our team advises everyone to remain calm and patient. We work hard to make this project happen… Despite these circumstances, we decided to continue working on the project and release the MVP (Movement App demo application) before the ICO start date.

Some people were complaining about low activity in the Telegram and our other social networks accounts. Due to the low amount of Ether invested in the PRE-ICO we’re having a hard time expanding our team and keeping up with regular updates. The current financial situation forces us to work solely with the people we already have and pure enthusiasmDo not be discouraged though, because our engineers are working on the alpha version of the project day and night. Creation of such a platform as Movement App is a lot of work, which involves creating original algorithms and approaches that are still areas of active research.

Movement App team starts this new year full of optimism as we currently hold contact with more than 1000 potential investors all of which are waiting for the release of the demo version of the app to continue investing.”

Movement App ICO Details

Token: MOVE

Price: 1ETH=600 MOVE

but there will be bonuses during the first three weeks.

Week 1: Bonus +20%.

Week 2: Bonus +10%.

Week 3: Bonus +5%.

Buy with: ETH, BTC, LTC

Platform: Ethereum

Minimal transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1ETH

Minimal transaction amount in Bitcoin: None

Minimal transaction amount in Litecoin: None

Maximum transaction amount: Unlimited

KYC: Yes

Location: USA

ICO Start: February 1, 2018

ICO End: March 1, 2018

If the sale ends without selling the full amount of 13’072’000 MOVE, after First & Second phases of the Token Sale, any remaining token will be burnt.

“Life requires movement” (Aristotle, 4th century BC) In other words, movement is life. I believe MOVE will make our lives even sportier. In MOVE I trust! I hope the team will attract new investors and reach hard cap.

I rate the project 7 points out of 10 possible.