Sex, drugs an Californication of the whole IT sphere…

Nowdays news, or to be more specific, the Vanity Fair magazine preview “The secret orgy – the pride of the elite” in translation by the Economistua site – is not the up to date information.

Those who have been listening to rock since there childhood probably know the Red Hot Chili Peppers song with the odd name Californication issued in 2000. I was thinking about what the Californication meant for I was aware of only the fact that this was somehow connected with the name of the most famous USA state. Later I discovered the word “fornication” (adultery) in the vocabulary. So, afterwards it has become clear to me what the main entertainment of the citizens of this state is.

Thus, California – is the state where the Silicon valley is located, famous for its IT startups, business incubators, developments within the modern computer technologies, in short, it is the refuge for the highly intelligent elite of the USA, the paradise for the programmers, the web-developers, the Internet marketers, the venture capitalists etc.

In summer 2014 the French journalist Marie-Catherine Beth wrote in the Le Figaro newspaper: “A lot of the heroes of the digital innovations lead the double life in the Silicon valley, combining their intensive work with sex, drugs and risky entertainments. The journalist described the following event that had taken place: in December 2013 Alix Catherine Tichelman, 26 y.o., was arrested on charges of injecting a 51 year old Forrest Timothy Hayes with an overdose of heroin. The father of the 5 children had fun with that young lady, who was just old enough to be his older daughter, on board of his own yacht at the Santa Cruz, the resort located an hour away from the valley. And she overdosed a little bit because of the lack of the experience. By the way, the so-called Daddy was working in the Google corp. scientific research laboratory where the robots of the future and self-driving cars are developed.

It was revealed that FBI had blocked the site in California because its activity was closely connected with the satisfying of the sexual hunger of the IT specialist of the Silicon Valley. As was written by the observer of the “Wired”, RedBook – the ladies within that business couldn’t even imagen their life without this site”. So this network satisfied the demand for prostitution and made it safer and more civilized. The site was really effective with great content and, perhaps, even too effective.

The most valuable part of the site was the one with the reviews. For 13$ you got the enter to the so called social network where users had shared their impressions about their experience with escort-girls, info about BDSM-parties and erotic massage. Within their posts they described in details the services, that they had ordered and the appearance of the girls. Are you looking for a well-figured latino girl up to 30 with E cup who could do all body massage? Just filter the data to narrow your search. That’s how it was done 3 years ago.









Autumn news 2017

In order to entertain their genius developers, the largest IT companies such as Facebook and Google order and unusual service in model agencies. Imagen, they invite models to their parties just for communication and pay for it about $50-$200 per hour, but the models are under risk to become an object of the sexual harassment.

And this so called atmosphere models come to the parties just for doing their job – and nothing else. They are prohibited to drink alcohol and to exchange their personal data with the others. But shit happens.

Let me remind you the January 2018.
As Emily Chang wrote in Vanity Fair, some of the most powerful residents of the Silicon Valley are regulars of closed parties with orgies and heavy drugs. And such stories are no more a secret or a scandal. They have become a declaration of the rights of a citizen to an avant-garde lifestyle and extravagance.

Once in a month, Friday or Saturday night, technicians from the Silicon Valley are going to a binge party. Sometimes they gather at an impressive mansion in San Francisco, sometimes – a rich house in the foothills of Atherton or Hillsborough. On special occasions, they go to the North to someone’s castle in Napa Valley or visit the Malibu beaches, or sail on board the yacht near Ibiza. They party all the weekend. The location of such events could be changed but the participants and the goals stay the same.









We are speaking about the first persons of the American and world IT industry. People of this level talk about such matters in a self-satisfied tone. To their opinion, participation in such elite orgies is the expansion of their personal development and openness to the world. It is so-called courage, which fills them with faith in their ability to change the world. Moreover, they suppose that their right on breaking the prohibitions in IT sphere covers also the whole society. However, few of them were ready to speak without guarantees of anonymous.

This issue is beyond the personal life. The corporative culture that exists within the IT sphere is deeply mixed with the different types of immorality. And exactly this mixture determines the business system in Silicon Valley.

According to the participants the orgies usually occurs at night. Guests arrive before lunch and are checked by private security guards who deny access to those who do not have an invitation. Sometimes they hire servants to the party. But in the most intimate gatherings, participants prepare their dinner together, which allows them not to kick out the waiters after dessert. Alcohol simplifies the communication, but after it the drugs come to the scene.

Basically, its one of the MDMA types also famous as Ecstasy or Molly. This drugs turn complete strangers to the close friends.








People start to hug and form pairs. It is not an ordinary orgy nevertheless the participants often stay threesome or large groups. They could occupy one of the rooms or just lie on the floor in the hall. Then night ends and the company gathers for the breakfast. Afterwards some of them could have sex again. Food, drugs, sex – repeat please. Some of the participants call such events – «E-party».

Sex parties occur so often that for the leading venture capitalists and many founders of companies, this is no more a scandal or a secret. It’s a modern life style of the XXI century. The Silicon Valley the most progressive place on the Earth. No one forces anyone to participate and does not keep it in secret, even if they are married or in serious relationships. Merely it is not used to discuss. By the way, you could often meet married couples or partners at these parties according to the one of the party regulars. Free relationships – is a modern rule.





The Silicon Valley – is a strange place that has created unique things and that is why it is so tempting for people of that kind and it also gives them a chance to realise themselves.
“If you think the same way as the others do in this case you can’t invent the future” – claims Evan Williams Twitter co-founder. But also he warns that it could be “the catastrophic receipt”

Emily Chang gathered so much compromising information on the inhabitants of the Silicon Valley that she not only typed a magazine article, but also wrote a whole book of 320 pages called “Brotopia”.











Last years the Silicon Valley became the place of the scandals within the inequality of women in the IT sphere.
In last June, New York Times published the article about sexual harassment by venture capitalists towards women entrepreneurs. Two women entrepreneurs told that they had to invent the man co-founder of the project and named him Keith Mann in order the developers and partners started to regard them seriously.
Last summer there was a huge scandal in Google, when the developers supposed that women by their nature are not suitable for work in IT.

Before that incident the woman ex-employee Uber told about the cases of sexism and sexual harassment in the company, after which the company became the object of a series scandals.

In the same row are the stories of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey. Mr. Weinstein is a veteran of sexual terrorism! According to The New York Times, Weinstein for 30 years inclined to intimate relations young actors and other employees of his company, promising them career advancement. And Kevin Spacey, a great actor, was completely harassed literally because of one doubtful incident in his brilliant creative biography!

But there are some sane women as Catherine Deneuve. In Le Monde newspaper Deneuve including about one hundred famous French women condemned the campaign against sexual harassment. The authors of the appeal stated that the right of men to molest women is an integral part of sexual freedom.

Red Hot Chili Peppers were absolutely right when they sang in 1999:
It’s the edge of the world
And all of western civilization
The sun may rise in the East
At least it settles in the final location
It’s understood that Hollywood
Sells Californication…

Silvio Berlusconi the ex-prime-minister of Italy supported Deneuve. In his opinion, women are happy when they feel that men try to seduce them. The key point is to understand the difference between what is really OK and what is prohibited. Catherine Deneuve apologized to the victims of sexual harassment. In the edition of Liberation she explained that in her previous appeal she had condemned unsubstantiated allegations in social networks, due to which people lost their jobs and were persecuted in the media. The actress added that she does not like the “mentality of the pack”.

Thus in the XXIth century, the words of Sigmund Freud are relevant:

Every normal person, in fact, is only normal on the average

At the heart of all our actions lie two motives: the desire to become great and the sexual attraction