CryptoCelebrities in trend. CryptoKitties are yesterday.

The monopoly of the crypto kitties did not last long. Crypto celebrities is the new game on Ethereum blockchain which deals with the constant resale of the smart-contracts tied to the pictures of different celebrities. In other words «Crypto celebrities» – is the equivalent of the baseball cards on the blockchain.

In the beginning there were CryptoPunks. You had an opportunity to read about it on Steemit seven months ago. CryptoPunks were created by Matt Hall and John Watkinson the co-founders of the Larva Labs. This studio develops apps and is famous for its popular games for iOS and Android. 10 000 unique pictures, size 24×24 pixels.

Initially, these punks could be purchased for the cost of the gas needed to move them to ETH purse (about 11 cents then). The evidences of the property are processed on the blockchain so one crypto-punk has only one owner. But CryptoPunks were not as successful as CryptoKitties.

Apparently, at the moment the audience has already done with CryptoKitties. As you can see in the screenshot above, CryptoPunks are for every taste and purse, different skin colors, and the prices from $2 to $502…







Now about CryptoCelebrity

On the website of the developers stated that they ask not to publish any info, because it is only beta-version of the project. Nevertheless you can find a lot of articles about it surfing the Internet.
The newborn game is not exactly new one. The Twitter users remember the scandal with the Stolen! App that happened 2 years ago. It gave the opportunity to buy accounts of the other users. And it was closed when the lady from US Congress complained about it.











As written on the website of the CryptoCelebrity project – here we connect the blockchain and the game. Buy and sell smart-contracts at Crypto-celebrities like any other collectible using blockchain-technology. Bitcoin and ETH – are the cryptocurrencies, and Crypto-celebrities – are the real collectibles. Be the only person in the world who owns smart-contracts of famous personalities, such as Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio and Donald Trump. At the moment when you buy a smart contract, it automatically rises in price in two times.

Nevertheless, as it is written further on the website of the project, “CryptoCelebrities differs from postage stamps, baseball cards or any other material collectibles”.

And, the price of celebrities is rather high! If at the time of writing the article on the top of the hit parade was Vitalik Buterin with a price of ETH 24.66 – this is, as you can see, 24 660 dollars! At the same time, 32 deals have already been made on it!








So, this is the brief description of the hunting for CryptoCelebrities:

Each celebrity from list offered on the website has a token of a smart contract. If you buy it, you will own it – no one has the right to touch it until it pays you twice as much as you paid for the contract.

Some smart-contracts are “officially confirmed.” When a celebrity confirms his/her smart contract, he/she is paid 3% of each sale or this amount goes to charity for his/ her choice. Thanks to the block-technology “officially confirmed” smart-contracts allow celebrities to control where royalties (deductions) from trading their image go.

Celebrities’ smart-contracts can be viewed on the Ethereum blockchain, and they can only be bought using ETH. Each contract acts as a “coin” or “token” and can belong to only one person.

You can purchase a smart contract of any celebrity if you are willing to pay for it. So, anyone can purchase your smart-contract, if he is ready to pay you 2X of what you originally paid.
Every time one owner resells a token on the blockchain-platform to another person, a small part of the transaction is held as a commission. That is how the developers of the project earn money!

The person whose image is sold can control where this cash flow ends. For example: in a digital wallet of his choice or in any charitable organization from lists of non-profit organizations that accept the digital currency as a donation.

Personally, in this story, I like the fact that at least some of this money will go to charity! We just need to wait until the celebrities officially confirm the tokens. In this regard, there are interesting statements on the “ProductHunt” portal (a forum for communication of enthusiastic consumers, describing their impressions of using new products: mobile applications, computer games, programs, etc.):

Yesterday, on the stock exchanges, companies were quoted, today live people are listed. I like where this world is going…

Soon the developers of the project would be drown in lawsuits from the lawyers of those celebrities.

By the way, if you bought any Crypto-celebrity, and then sold it, you will forever remain on the list of its owners on the blockchain!