A couple of good news coming from Asia

A couple of good news coming from Asia:

South Korea’s government has confirmed it has “no intention” of banning or “suppressing” cryptocurrency trading in fresh comments on the industry.

The other from Japan:

Japanese messaging giant Line has announced plans to start and operate a cryptocurrency exchange. It’s Japan’s biggest messaging service with over 600 million registered users and 200 million monthly active users worldwide.

This cryptocurrency exchange service is to be enabled within its chat application that is ubiquitous among some 70 million Japanese users. The messaging app is also massively popular in other regional nations including Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Line’s plan to launch the offering extends beyond Japan, with planned expansion to Hong Kong and cryptocurrency-friendly Luxembourg. If Line intends to bring its cryptocurrency exchange for all of its users globally, the likes of Coinbase, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges with some 13 million users across 32 countries, would pale in comparison.

Line Financial follows Line’s already-popular mobile money transfer and payment service Line Pay, a service enabled within Line’s messaging app. In 2017,

Line pay topped 40 million registered users globally with annual transaction volume exceeding ¥450 billion ($4.1 billion).