My Visit to the SmartO Project Office and Photo Report About It

If you read my ICO surveys especially one of the latest devoted to the SmartO mobile application, you probably will be interested to look behind the scenes of the project and see how its team lives. A fortiori SmartO should be the best ICO-project of 2018.

The SmartO team office is located in the center of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia in one of the newest and most comfortable business centers of that city. Continue reading “My Visit to the SmartO Project Office and Photo Report About It”

World’s Top-12 Cryptocurrency Web-sites According to Dickinson-Junior

I continue to introduce the most interesting and useful crypto currencies related web-sites to my dearest readers who just stand on the crypto-currency path. With ICO-trackers we have already figured out, and as far as crypto exchanges are concerned, I gonna tell you in the next article. Today, we analyze useful and interesting news and analytical web resources.
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ICO Piggyback Ride

(A look at the ICOs who do their best to piggyback on the blockchain )

Those ICO trackers are a fascinating read!
Apart from useful information about the upcoming token offerings you can kickback and have some fun. To do that you just need to have a fresh look at those, who try to ride the crypto hype wave on their projects.

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Cryptoinvestors: profiles & natural habitat

It is a well known fact that investors are the people who have a lot of spare money. They vehemently try to get rid of it by supporting crazy projects like Telephone (“hardly more than a toy”), Airplanes (“Man will not fly for 50 years” — Wilbur Wright, 1901), Apple, Google, Bitcoin… They fail to do it after the projects become unbelievably successful. So, they get back to square one with ten times the money they used to have…

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The Ten Commandments for an ICO/ITO issuer

Anyone who came up with some brilliant idea and already tried to find funds for it, knows how difficult is to attract investors. Bank interest and the collateral requirements are able to strangle any good business at the root … And the red tape with the preparation of a business plan (satisfying the high demands of bankers) and collecting of a heap of other papers may knock any businessman out. Therefore, there has always been a demand for more affordable and less formal sources of financing.
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