Welcome to my Сrypto cafe!

Crypto cafe is not only the place where you could drink a cup of delicious drink but also where you could communicate. The main topics of our conversations would lie in the fields of innovation, financial technologies and instruments. Also we would touch upon the tips on how to make our life wealthier with the help of Internet and Fintech.

Fintech or financial technologies are those ones that concern the sphere of crypto currencies. I plunged into study of crypto currencies deeply in 2016. I understood what vast and interesting branch of the economy they are.

We encourage the jokes and the sense of humor here, indeed. If you have any jokes about crypto currencies, mems, comics in this sphere, I will appreciate greatly if you share them with me. Also if you are aware of funny and curious events that happened to the stock exchange traders it would be interesting to read. You are welcome!

Here you have an opportunity not only to drink a cup of coffee but also to smoke a cigar… (at least virtually).

Meet me, Dickinson Junior, your personal barista, or DJ Crypto for short if you prefer!